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What will be in my Art Packs?

Relevant information about the topic
Teaching resources

Activities and Ideas
Posters specific to the module

Book List

Mystery gifts to support your journey
Links to Theorists, EYLF and QKLG

What order should I buy Art Packs in?

Always begin with the Foundation Pack as all other Modules emanate from this. Where you take your journey from this Module is up to you and your children.

Subsequent Packs relate to concepts explored in previous Modules.

Artist Packs are sold separately and may be used alongside more than one Module.

 New Packs are being developed all the time and will be in our Shop when complete.

What do your Consultation Services offer?

We offer:

  • In house Workshops for staff and follow up support afterwards if needed.

  • In house support to develop an Art Program that is embedded in your service.

  • In house support to establish an Art Space either through advising your staff or personally curating the necessary resources and creating the space for you.

Every consultation is unique and individual and therefore your needs will differ from those of others.
Please contact us for more information.

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